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Ahmanet is an Egyptian princess that was promised the position of pharaoh, only for it to be taken by a younger brother.



Ahmanet was promised the position of pharaoh following her father, Menehptre. However, when he bore a son, he removed the promise, instead wishing for the boy to be his heir. Because of this, Ahmanet summoned the god of death Set in order to get what she'd been promised. Set agreed to grant her the power she needed as long as she grant him a vessel to use in the Mortal world. With her newfound abilities, Ahmanet slaughtered her father, his wife, and child, before attempting to bring Set into the mortal world. However, her ritual was halted and her chosen vessel was killed. As punishment for her crimes, she was then mummified alive and buried. Her sarcophagus was taken far from Egypt and buried in Mesopotamia.

Waking in modern dayEdit

In modern times, Ahmanet was unearthed, returning to the world to reclaim what she'd been robbed of.[1] She was eventually captured by the organization Prodigium.[2]


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